Positive Thoughts for Positive Outcomes

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 @ 06:11 PM

By now I am sure almost everyone has heard of “The Secret”, what you think will become your reality. You may also know some people in your life who tend to be a bit negative. Usually these people fall on hardship one too many times. Where as your more positive friends and family seem to live much happier. It does work!!
One of my favourite quotes or sayings is “where the mind goes, energy flows”. I love this quote, it is so true. If you believe you are going to fail at something, you are most likely going to fail. However, thinking the opposite of succeeding and positive thoughts, will win.
This theory or practice works with everything, including your health. If you think you are going to gain weight because of a big meal, you most likely will gain weight. If you are not enjoying your exercise routine, you most likely won’t see the results you want.
So make sure you are giving only positive energy and thoughts to your health. Enjoy your food, make healthy choices and seek out a wellness program that you actually enjoy. Hiking, walking, Yoga, all modalities that are enjoyable.
Stay Positive!!

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