Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Body Stress Release

What is Health? Health can be defined as 100% of the body’s cells functioning at 100% efficiency, 100% of the time, and not merely just the absence of pain, disease or symptoms.

Body Stress Release assists the body to unlock stored tension, restoring communication via the nervous system for the body to self-heal.

The Effects of Body Stress Release

The majority of people initially consult a BSR practitioner for relief of pain and to improve flexibility. Examples include; lower back aches and stiffness, leg or abdominal pain, upper back and shoulder ache, neck pain and headaches.

However BSR’s purpose is not concerned merely with pain relief, but with enhancing the body’s communication (promoting self-healing) and co-ordination (assimilation, respiration, and elimination) thereby promoting health.

Thus after BSR there is usually a general upgrading of function and clients experience improvement or relief from a wide range of ailments.

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