Body Stress Release Case Studies and Testimonials

Lower Back
Case Study
After two weeks of traction in the hospital, a 50 year old man could not walk due to severe calf pain. After two weeks of BSR (4 sessions), he was pain-free and returned to work.

Case Study
A 42 year old woman with intense lower back pain was scheduled for surgery (L5 – S1 laminectomy). After 5 sessions of BSR she was free of pain. Over the following 13 years, she experienced only mild pain from time to time which was relieved by BSR a few times a year.

Neck and Shoulders
Case Study
A 42 year old man with a history of whiplash had been experiencing increased arm and hand numbness and weakness for three months in spite of intensive physiotherapy. After 6 sessions of BSR full use of his arms and hands was restored.

Case Study
A girl of 10 years of age suffered from constant neck pain with restricted rotation. All tests at the Children’s hospital were negative. After 2 sessions of BSR, the pain and swelling withdrew and full mobility was restored.

Babies and Children
Case Study
A two day old baby could not suckle as her tongue kept flicking to the corner of her mouth. After body stress was released in the neck, she began to suckle normally.

Case Study
A five month old baby kept is arms in spasm against his chest and his gaze appeared to be unfocussed. Cerebral Palsy was suspected. After one session of BSR his arms relaxed and after a second session his mother reported that he was able to focus on her face and respond to her. Six months later, his grandmother sent a letter to say his development was normal in every respect.

Gynecological Conditions
Case Study
After BSR, pregnant women have reported freedom from lower back pain and sciatica, and easier delivery than previous births. In several cases of infertility the women conceived after body stress in the lumbar spine was released over several sessions.

Case Study
A thirty seven year old woman experienced recurring cystitis after birth of her second child. The condition improved while she was taking antibiotics but recurred as soon as she stopped the medication. The cystitis cleared after one session of BSR. When it recurred several months later, once again after one BSR session, she was symptom-free.

My Client’s Experiences

Dorothy Neddermeyer, PhD
“Sherri’s Body Stress Release technique is amazing. The best way to describe it is that Sherri has magic fingers. When I was eleven years old, a horse fell with me, pinning my left leg under her weight for a few seconds. Those few seconds caused my hip to ‘rotate’ slightly in the socket. Over the years, I had many chiropractic treatments, which give relief for a period of time. After four Body Stress Release sessions with Sherri I have had no recurrence of lower back or hip pain. I am sixty-seven and Sherri’s Body Stress Release technique has completely eliminated my lower back and hip pain. I have referred several people to Sherri, who have reported the same positive results. Thank you Sherri.”

After years of chiropractic and deep massages and a considerable amount of money I found Body Stress Release. Actually it found me . At an Open House at Dr. Ardolf & Associates I was entered into several raffles for various products and treatments.

I got a call telling me that I had received the winning draw for a Body Stress Release session so I made an appointment for 3:00 PM the next day. (Why not, couldn’t hurt!.) At the appointment, Sherri Hered took down some pertinent health history and then proceeded to conduct the session. On a chiropractor like table I rested and the procedures began. I kept thinking to myself, ” thank my lucky stars I hadn’t paid for this”. Sherri kept doing some type of procedure I was not familiar with and with the least amount of physical contact and pressure I had ever experienced. No way, this wasn’t going to work, I kept chuckling to myself!!  Bring back the cracking and popping and deep muscle elbow massage, now that always worked!

After about 20 minutes it was over. I went home and sat with my grandson at about 5:00 PM and watched some TV. At 6:00 I was feeling really relaxed and just passed out with stress relief and slept for some time. When I woke up I realized that the session had worked even better than the chiro and massage ever did. I became a believer and within a few sessions later I had received the equivalent of 6 months, or more, of chiro/massage. Why waste the time and money. Body Stress Release for everyone, I have recommended it to all my friends and clients.

Satisfied to the Max!

“Several months after a serious auto accident I continued to have headaches and neck, shoulder and back pains. One day I was watching a local TV station and saw Sherri demonstrating the Body Stress Release method; I was intrigued enough to call and book an appointment with her. I had already tried chiropractic and acupuncture; those treatments only gave me temporary relief. Sherri set up three appointments for the beginning of my treatment plan. After the first appointment I went home and slept the rest of the day. By the third appointment I felt really good and started eliminating toxins; by the fifth appointment the aches and pains subsided; I was euphoric. It was the first time in months that I felt really good. I have continued to follow-up with tune-ups. At each visit Sherri opens up stored up stress and I leave feeling positively refreshed. Thanks Sherri for sharing your knowledge and for opening your practice in a location that is convenient and easy for me to get to. ”


“During college, I was in a minor car accident just before I started spring break. Four months later, I was still suffering from whip lash. My mother, who had significant chronic back pain improvement after following a friend’s recommendation to see Sherri, suggested I make an appointment with her in hopes of relieving my pain. After only a couple sessions, my whip lash was completely gone.

Sherri provides a welcoming, comfortable environment for the sessions. She is very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in improving her clients’ overall health. I have continued to see Sherri, and as a result, have seen noticeable improvements in my posture as well as decreased stress-related pain in my shoulders. She accommodates busy schedules, and I have already recommended Body Stress Release to family and friends. Thank you Sherri!”


Thank you so much for helping me regain my self confidence. The hump on my back caused by my scoliosis is no longer significantly noticeable, since I’ve started BSR. I can wear clothes that I haven’t worn in years & put my hair up without feeling insecure about my back. Also, I feel better! My back feels better. I look forward to my next appointment with you. Once Again, Thank you.

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