About Sherri

My Personal Story & Body Stress Release

Hello my name is Sherri Hered. I was originally born in Canada but have resided in the USA since 1994 living in a few different states. I recently made my journey to St Louis, MO from The Big Island, Hawaii. My life has taken some interesting directions which have allowed me to follow my passion for pursuing the study of health and wellness for a better quality of life. I have lived and traveled to many countries and experienced many cultures and teachings. Life affirms to me that “everything happens for a reason”.

My background includes both business and fitness degrees (MBA and MEd) that have enabled me to work in traditional and non-traditional work places. I have a passion for fitness and I am an avid athlete participating in almost every sport from adventure races, to ice hockey (I am of course a Canadian by nature). Currently my passion is staying active daily running, swimming, practicing Yoga for optimal health.

The beginning of the change in my life

Back in 2002,  during an adventure race, I fell off an obstacle course ladder (about 10 feet) and broke my left wrist. I had an external fixator (pins sticking out of my wrist and arm) for five weeks and completed my own therapy through Yoga. Thinking everything was OK, I began running and cycling again. However, I realized that my weight loss was more than just muscle atrophy. I felt like I was not absorbing my nutrients and everything was passing through me. I felt weak, tired, and always having an upset stomach. My friends would tease me about not eating and always feeling sick to my stomach. So I went for all the stomach and intestine tests available. The diagnosis was a little of this and a little of that, but nothing major. The medication made it worse, so I decided that I just need to accept feeling not 100%.

Then one day my work took me to Bermuda where I met a South African Nurse (Margo) who was a Body Stress Release Practitioner. She could tell by looking at me that I was not 100% well. After one release, 60% of my stomach problems cleared up. I was amazed and fascinated with the technique. The following year I visited South Africa on a holiday and experienced more releases and how first hand it was changing my life. I was so impressed I made a radical decision to leave my then home in South Florida and profession to travel to South Africa. I completed the 5 month training course and became a Body Stress Release Practitioner. Upon returning state side, I began my practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. After 8 years of success, I decided to sell my practice and move to The Big Island where for 8 years I had a very successful practice. Currently I relocated to St Louis MO to re-establish my practice and enjoy the Midwest. 2023 will be exciting for me to begin again.

It is my goal to help you experience all that life has to offer by helping to remove some of the “blocks” in your way. My life is now blessed in ways I never imagined and I want to share them with you.

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