What is Body Stress Release?

Body Stress Release (BSR) is a unique neuro-muscular releasing technique that influences the muscles surrounding the spine to relax and release for pain reduction and improved self-healing. Muscle testing is used to determine the direction of the stress and releasing is done gently so that the protective “Reflex” is not initiated.

Description of the Body Stress Release technique:
When the body is subjected to stress overload, instead of the stress being dissipated out of the system, it becomes “locked” into the body.

This “body stress” manifests as lines of tension at specific points, which may bring about postural distortions, pain, stiffness, or numbness. The impact on the nervous system disturbs the body’s lines of communication, thereby undermining efficiency of function.

At the first consultation the practitioner takes a client case history. While the client is lying down fully clothed, the sites of body stress are located by observing the body’s response to a series of pressure tests. With the information obtained the body stress is released by applying light but definite pressure at precise points in specific directions.

The process takes between 25 and 35 minutes. Generally three to five consultations are carried out, which may be sufficient in those cases where the body stress is mild or has been present for a relatively short period. In the case of severe or long-standing body stress, a further consultation is necessary within a week, followed by further sessions, with the number and frequency depending on the body’s response. Thereafter clients are advised to be assessed for body stress three to four times a year for health maintenance.

  • As Body Stress Release is a gentle approach, it is safe and suitable for people of all ages, from new-born babies to the aged, in all states of health.
  • Body Stress Release is a distinct health care profession and does not resemble other modalities. It does not involve massage, manipulation, machines, or medication.
  • Body Stress Release is a complementary technique that assists the body in its’ own healing process and brings effective relief against all forms of tension, pain and discomfort.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Body Stress Release is not a diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. It is concerned only with locating and releasing stored tension, so that the body is assisted in its’ innate ability to maintain and heal itself.

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