Nutrition Continued – Be the Change you Want to See (Ghandi)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 @ 07:05 PM

Thanks for visiting my blog. Last week I started on Living Natural and gave five points to a healthier lifestyle.  Today I want to expand on nutrition. It is unfortunate as Americans that we have such abundance of food in this country, yet most of the food choices are actually detrimental to our health. Too many processed foods, refined sugars, GMO’s, and chemicals that we cannot pronounce are lurking everywhere. We can get outraged that the FDA does not protect us and that Monsanto basically runs most of our commercial crops.  But what I would recommend is “Be the change you want to see”, of course the great quote from Ghandi. Refuse to participate in the commercial crap that they are selling. Now this may sound like I am a bit of an extremist or I dislike capitalism. This is not the case. What I do support is local businesses and farmers who will provide organic fruits and vegetables and humanly raised meats and poultry. It is basic common sense, eat more unprocessed raw foods and organics as much as you can. I try to stick to the 80/20 rule (80% organic, 20% non-organic). And if you are following the blood-type diet and are avoiding processed foods you are on the right track. However if you are a person who likes to eat out a lot, this is a challenge depending on where you live.  Check out all the new restaurants in your area,  I am sure there will be more organic or locally sourced restaurants to open. This is a great trend sweeping the Nation, let’s keep it going by supporting them.
I just stopped in the Chopshop in Old Town Scottsdale this am to grab a menu. I can’t wait until Friday for one of their Pressed Juices. Check them out at
Be creative with your food choices and try new recipes.. Yes I mean actually cooking and preparing foods at home. This is the best way to obtain a healthy diet. Cooking is easy and with the internet access to almost any recipe, you don’t need a cookbook, just google it and something will appear I promise!!

Bon Appetite!!


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