Being Natural and What it Means…

Friday, May 17, 2013 @ 11:05 PM

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog series on Natural Health. I will be updating my blog twice per week with articles pertaining to living natural.  I know everyone has their own theories on what is best but I want to share my experiences with you and cold hard facts if you are serious about maintaining optimum health throughout your life. I will start with 5  guidelines for making changes and not wasting your time.

1. Eat Well (Nutrition) – it is key to healthy living. There is way too much information out there on this topic. Myself I find it amusing how many different diets  pop up on a yearly basis. I believe in the blood type diet for many reasons. It is well researched and it can reduce your allergies and inflammation very quickly. And if you are eating foods that agree with you and you absorb their nutrients, you eat less of them, hence weight control.  Research this online.

2. Being Active – notice I did not say exercise… Let’s just remember that our bodies are made to move. If you have a desk job, it is even more important that you do something active each day for at least 30 minutes.. Walking, Hiking, biking, Yoga, and Swimming are my favorite since they are low impact and relatively easy to access.

3. Reducing the Stress in your life – If it is a job that is killing you, find a new one. If you are in a bad relationship, get out or make changes. If your family stresses you, talk to them and create an open line of communication. What ever stresses you must be dealt with accordingly. Of course as a Body Stress Release Practitioner I can help you release some of your stresses that may be locked into your body causing issues, but you need to make some changes to keep the stresses at a minimum.

4. Be Aware – Yoga teaches great postural awareness and awareness of being in the now! You can practice this awareness every day, every minute. Postural awareness is great to practice and avoid re-stressing the body.

5. Be Positive – Of course you hear this over and over again. But it is true, if you think positive thoughts, you feel better. Good things will come your way, you will attract the like. This has been proven, so why don’t we practice it more? It is so easy and FREE!! Remember you can be your own worst enemy or best friend. I prefer being my best friend. If  you are having a bad day, I know you can find one good thing, even if it is the excellent cup of coffee you had in the morning. Smile more and enjoy life.

Think of these points and see if you resonate with any of them.

Thanks for reading.

Sherri Hered
Body Stress Release Practitioner

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